Workshop on practical broths and restorative soups with AMANDIN

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Toxins harm the body cumulatively; if the means of purging the body are overloaded, toxic metabolites build up and sensitivity to other chemicals that are not normally toxic increases.

Broths can help a lot with purging the body or in occasional cases where some function or some organ like the liver, kidneys or intestines needs reinforcing.

Including some of these broths in a healthy diet is highly beneficial.

Soups can be excellent dishes when you want to lighten your diet and give your digestive system a bit of a rest, and at the same time they are nourishing and you can enjoy their flavour.

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Anti-anxiety broth

Have this broth when you are suffering from: Cravings to eat sweet things Anxiety When to have it: When you have an “anxiety attack”. In the afternoon and/or evening. After eating too many sweet things.   Print PDF

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Broth for constipation

Have this broth when you suffer from: hard stools, or as a daily remedy during periods of constipation.   When to have it: In the evening and in the morning.   Print PDF

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Defences broth (candidiasis, immunity)

Have this broth in these cases: Candidiasis To strengthen the immune system When convalescing after an illness To nourish the intestinal mucosa when it is “compromised” (permeability, irritability in the mucosa, etc.) When to have it: Lunch and/or dinner Print PDF

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Leek, fennel and almond soup

When to have this soup: – to “pamper” your digestive system – to nourish and comfort you, especially at the end of the day When to have it: Whenever you like! Or as a single dish in the evening   Print PDF

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“Chai” pumpkin and carrot soup

When to have this soup: – when you feel “cold inside” – when you’re feeling tired and lethargic – if you’re feeling sad or down When to have it: At any time of day, when your physical or emotional state is at a low ebb or simply to enjoy a tasty, comforting and nutritious soup. […]

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Anti-inflammatory broth

Have this broth when you are suffering from: Inflammation (joints, abdominal, etc.) Retention of liquids, cellulitis When to have it: Between meals, during the day.   Print PDF

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Herb broth

Have this broth when you are suffering from: – cough – flu – respiratory infections   When to have it: Several times a day when you have a cough or an illness affecting the respiratory system. Or have a cup a day for preventive purposes.   Print PDF

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